Creating CSS3 preloaders using css3 Animations

css3 preloader

css3 preloader

Creating a CSS Preloader (CSS3 Preloader).

In this tutorial we will be learning to make a simple CSS3 preloader or CSS3 progress bar by use of Plain HTML5 and CSS3. You can use these preloaders (css3) for free and use in your webpage.

What are preloaders:

We all know that while making a web page or developing an application we don’t want to wait too longer, as when page loads there comes a plain white screen or simply a cursor revolves in circular motion. We can use these  css3 preloaders and make our page more attractive

Why Css3 preloaders:

We have tried to build these preloaders in plain css3 (so named CSS3 preloaders) so that one who is not familiar with jquery, can easily use this. Its light weighted and it need no extra plugin to be loaded into the by using these css3 preloaders, our web page response time does not increases.
Now lets come into the Css3 preloaders tutorial.
We have used two basic thing in these css loaders :

  • CSS pseudo elements
  • CSS3 animations

“CSS3 animation is more important factor for these preloader than pseudo elaments. CSS @keyframe is powerful property for css3 animations, we can define its stages for giving it a perfect timing at different stages ”

Note: We have uses vendor prefixes for chrome and Mozilla so it’s advisable to add the vendor prefixes for different browser.

1. Creating css3 preloader : Audio Wave shaped

Idea behind this preloader is to make audio wave shaped preloader using css3 animation.

We have took five span inside a Div tag. Each span representing a audio wave .we will be working on this by using css3 animation to make it a css3 preloader.
The effect is achieved by animating their height to 5px to 30px. Also each span is moving to the right side, so that next effect is taking place to next span, which give it a shape of audio waves.

Below is the code in the JSFIDDLE

You can also visit some of these tutorial for css3 animations

2. Spinning Disc Preloaders:

This is a spinny Disk preloaders, where we have rotataed it along circular path to give it a circular motion.

3. Snake Style Preloader:

A snake style css3 preloader made by using css3(css3 animation , css) and HTML5.

4. Crossing shapes:

Here is a beautiful example of css animation preloader.

You can use our css3 preloader in your website that is for free, in case you just a backlink for our website, so that maximum can take advantage of this css3 preloader tutorial.


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