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jquery tabs

Multi color Jquery Tabs :

Hi, Today we will be learning about creating jquery tabs, there are a lot of tutorial available on this topic and plugin are also there, today we will implement a color switcher in this  tab in jquery, which means we will be switching the skin of tabs as per user wish, i think this can be a new for Jquery tabs.

 Check Jquery Tab Demo Below

One of the most widely used UI component is jquery tabs, Jquery tabs has a great role in displaying multi feature.
Jquery tabs :A single content area with multiple panels, each associated with a header in a list.

Check our jquery Tabs demo

Jquery Tabs Uses

  • In displaying product features
  • displaying catalogue
  • Comparing products

Jquery Tabs Example:
you can get various jquery UI tab here:

There are many examples of UI tabs in jquery. jquery tabs can be customised and used in web application and sites.
We have tried to explain how we can make a tab, also how we can change skin of JQuery UI tabs. After a lot of hit n trial with html css and jquery i was successful in doing it.
jquery ui tabs

Below is the codepen where you can fork this code and use as it your owb UI elements. Tabs are easy to implement and can be easily used in any web page or web application. so without any hesitation just download it from the code pen and use it. For implementing it you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Jquery.

We have to keep in mind few things, HTML consists of the color switchers, which changes color skin of the tab when clicked as per their ID and the the second is the Jquery tabs button, which changes the content of the tabs as per their given ID’s.


See the Pen Tab by Pooran Singh Pawar (@pawarpooran) on CodePen.

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