How to build quality backlinks : Tips for SEO freshers

Getting Quality backlinks is very important for your website. when you work for digital marketing for any company, you always search for a website where you can build links for your website. while working for one of my clients who manufactures kitchen appliances I found some interesting stuff.

Mangat Singh Dhiman on quora Quote: 

  • This is very simple to get quality backlinks.
  • You just go to google and search backlink checker.
  • Then you put the URL of your competitor’s site and then you will get high quality backlinks.

Varsha Trivedi quote:

These are some powerful technique to get High quality back link:

  1. Guest Blogging:
  2. Social Networking: Facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest ans Instagram etc.
  3. Press Release:
  4. Article marketing:
  5. Forum: Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Link to Your Blog Posts
  6. Document Sharing Sites:
  7. PDf shearing:
  8. Video sharing:
  9. Slide sharing:
  10. Link baiting: Write link bait posts.
  11. wiki page: Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your link

I guess there are many people learning digital marketing or SEO struggle building backlinks, you will be benefitted from this tutorial. don’t forget to share our post. we will keep sharing useful information related to your skills.

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